CMMC 2.0 is Coming, Don’t Wait or it will be too Late!

A journey started in 2020 with the development of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 1.0, and the implementation of interim rules to roll all Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractors into the Supplier Performance Risk System

03 Jun 2022
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Congratulations to our Summer 2022 Internship Cohort

The SOC Summer 2022 Internship Cohort has been selected. We interviewed some incredible folks and set a new record of internship applications, exceeding 500 applicants!

26 May 2022
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MDR Add-On: Stopping Cyber Threats at the Human Layer

Here at Ingalls, we are committed to the evolution and continual improvement of all our service offerings and are proud to announce the release of our Phalanx MDR Add-on designed to stop cyber threats at the human layer.The human element remains a

19 May 2022
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Poll Results: Threat Hunter is the Most Challenging Role in Cyber

The people have spoken and chose the Threat Hunter as the most challenging role in cybersecurity. Take it from one of our very own Threat Hunters, Sean Scully, who discusses how he manages the challenges of this role.

18 May 2022
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Basic VPNs & Bad [Internet] Drivers: When Poor Habits Become Exhausting

By now you have heard of and (hopefully) utilize a VPN Service for both your business and home internet needs, so we’ll not spend time ruminating on what a VPN is and what it will do for you (though if you’d like a VPN primer check out: Are VPN

10 May 2022
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Unexpected Opportunities

Musings of a Cybersecurity Intern

Some of my biggest breakthroughs have come from opportunities I wasn’t expecting and from choices I almost didn’t make. 

I had been following Cyrus Robinson (Ingalls SOC Director and IR Lead) for a time, and it was

28 Apr 2022
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