Security Patches for 6 Actively Exploited Zero Days

It's important that organizations deploy last week's "Patch Tuesday" patches as soon as possible. These patches include several critical, high, and important severity vulnerabilities, but more importantly, it addresses 6 vulnerabilities that
14 Nov 2022
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If It Walks Like a Qakbot and Quacks Like a Qakbot…

Qakbot Conversation Hijacking Phishing Campaigns Targeting Government, Law Enforcement, and Financial Sector Organizations.

Beginning July 2022, the Ingalls SOC began to observe an increase in malware infection attempts involving Qakbot (aka Qbot

01 Nov 2022
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Are You Prepared to Defend Against Ransomware?

One of the most telling statistics from this year’s Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is that Ransomware remains a serious threat to all industries, with a one-year rise in occurrence as high as the past five combined. Ransomware has

28 Oct 2022
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A How-to-Guide for Multi-Factor Authentication

Have you noticed how often security breaches, stolen data, and identity theft are consistently front-page news these days? Perhaps you, or someone you know, are a victim of cyber criminals who stole personal information, banking credentials, or

24 Oct 2022
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Small Business Cybersecurity Quick Wins

Small businesses are quickly deploying various technologies to better serve their customers and manage their business more efficiently. Different kinds of technologies, however, come with a variety of risks and, thus, require specific strategies to

17 Oct 2022
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4 Tips for Safely Updating Software and Apps

It's Cybersecurity Awareness Month and one critical way to keep yourself and your information safe is to regularly update apps and software. Here are some important tips and a cool infographic shared from Cybersecurity Awareness Month that helps

13 Oct 2022
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