Talking About Cybersecurity Partners With Your Clients

IT companies have been in charge of small businesses’ computer networks for decades. The trust that owners have in their IT company  is on the same level as the trust they have for their business attorney. This trust was earned gradually over the

28 Feb 2020
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Small Business Cybersecurity Quick Wins

Small businesses are quickly deploying various technologies to better serve their customers and manage their business more efficiently. Different kinds of technologies, however, come with a variety of risks and, thus, require alternative

20 Feb 2020
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Why Government Agencies Need A Cyberattack Readiness Plan

Recently, an increasing number of government agencies all across the country have fallen prey to a series of cyberattacks that have resulted in financial loss and systemwide shutdowns. The frequency, organization, and impact of these cyberattacks

17 Feb 2020
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Flaws Expose Local, State Authorities In Coming Election

In 2019, Ingalls was called upon to help respond to a variety of different breach response scenarios that involved ransomware attacks against a significant number of commercial, non-profit, and government organizations. In addition to our breach

29 Jan 2020
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Citrix Vulnerability Found in Citrix ADC and Citrix Gateway

A new vulnerability has been discovered in Citrix ADC (Application Delivery Controller) and Citrix Gateway that allows the remote execution of commands in just two HTTP requests to a directory traversal bug in the implementation of the gateway's

16 Jan 2020
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Are You Prepared to Defend Against Ransomware?

One of the most telling statistics from this year’s Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is that Ransomware remains a serious threat to all industries and accounts for nearly a quarter of all malware based attacks.  Ransomware has

02 Jan 2020
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