Why Government Agencies Need A Cyberattack Readiness Plan

Why Government Agencies Need A Cyberattack Readiness Plan

Recently, an increasing number of government agencies all across the country have fallen prey to a series of cyberattacks that have resulted in financial loss and systemwide shutdowns. The frequency, organization, and impact of these cyberattacks are growing, and it’s imperative now more than ever for your organization to have plans in place. 

How would your organization respond to a cyber threat? Do you have a plan for how to get back online? Have you delegated responsibility within your organization for who will handle what? 

If you are unable to answer these questions, it’s imperative that you seek out a professional cybersecurity company to help you prepare for any potential attack. Millions of dollars have been saved and private information preserved because organizations had the foresight to prepare a plan.

Even with the best controls in place, breaches and attempted breaches can still happen, so it’s important to be prepared when the time comes. That’s where incident response readiness comes in. 

When it comes to preparing your organization for a potential cyber event, there are several tools that Ingalls deploys for government agencies to ensure that their information is safe, stakeholders are made aware, recovery time is hastened and financial loss is minimized.

Incident Response (IR) Plan Development

Ingalls assists government agencies in the development of an Incident Response Plan (IRP) that will outline how to minimize the duration and damage from a security incident, identify responsibilities of participating stakeholders, streamline forensic analysis, and hasten recovery time.

Incident Response (IR) Playbook Development

Our team leads the development of detailed playbooks that document actionable sets of steps a government agency can follow to successfully recover from a cyber event. The playbooks focus on unique types of cyber events and be tailored to fit the dependencies of the organization’s people, processes and technologies.

Incident Response (IR) Tabletop Exercise

We provide an immersive Incident Response experience simulating actual cyberattacks that challenge the Incident Response Team to practice expedient coordination and mobilization, incident investigation, identification of gaps in the Incident Response Plan and risk requiring mitigation in the Incident Response process.

Incident Response (IR) Retainer

Based on your needs, Ingalls offers an ongoing Incident Response (IR) Retainer option that allows our team to act immediately when you have a data security breach or incident. Under this type of agreement, your organization will be able to plan for the worst and rest easy knowing that qualified experts are on call to respond within 24 hours, guaranteed. 

We provide our clients with single- or multi-year dedicated IR Retainers. We also offer significant labor rate discounts for MDR clients, since having MDR deployed prior to any data security incident will dramatically reduce response and recovery times.

Contact Ingalls Information Security to schedule an assessment and training session, and to discuss our Incident Response programs.

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