Better Business Bureau offers tips to avoid election season scams

Articles of interest from the week of October 31, 2022

Better Business Bureau Offers Tips To Avoid Election Season Scams

The countdown to the Nov. 8 election day is fast approaching, which means there’s also a big deadline we want you to know about. That also means scammers are on the lookout for your personal information. (WAFB in Baton Rouge)

These Ransomware Victims Are Making the Highest Payments

Ransomware gangs want to make the biggest amount of money in the smallest time possible - and that means one industry is a lucrative target. Victims of ransomware attacks in this industry are making the biggest ransom payments, with the average ransom demand paid coming in at just over $2 million. (ZDNet)

Cyberattacks in Healthcare Sector More Likely To Carry Financial Consequences

New findings for the healthcare sector from a global 2022 Cloud Security Report, revealed that 61% of respondents in the healthcare industry suffered a cyberattack on their cloud infrastructure within the last 12 months, compared to 53% for other verticals. Phishing was the most common type of attack reported. (Help Net Security)

You Need to Update Chrome, Windows, and Zoom Right Now

UPDATES HAVE CONTINUED to be released thick and fast in October, with patches now available from the likes of Apple for iOS, Google Chrome, Android, and, of course, Microsoft in its monthly Patch Tuesday. That’s in addition to updates to fix issues in Zoom, Cisco, VMWare, and SAP products. Here are the details about all the important patches issued in October that you may have missed. (WIRED)

Cybercriminals Ramp Up Industrial Attacks in the US

Cybercriminals are hitting the industrial sector hard — and especially manufacturing companies, with significant spikes in cyberattack activity against US organizations spotted in the third quarter. Meanwhile, emerging ransomware groups are bursting onto the scene, threatening to push the rate of attacks up even higher. (Dark Reading)

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