Cyber-Insurance Firms Limit Payouts, Risk Obsolescence

Articles of interest from the week of September 5, 2022

Cyber-Insurance Firms Limit Payouts, Risk Obsolescence

Companies will need to re-evaluate their cyber-insurance premiums after major insurance companies have adopted exclusions for catastrophic cyberattacks conducted by "state-backed" actors. (DarkReading)

Time To ‘Block and Tackle’: Draft Strategy Outlines Air Force’s Future Digital Environment Through 2028

In a new interim draft strategy, the Air Force’s chief information officer lays out the service’s vision over the next six years for its future digital environment, including implementing zero trust, accelerating cloud adoption and harnessing data and artificial intelligence. (Breaking Defense)

CISA: Prepare Now for Quantum Computers, Not When Hackers Use Them

Although quantum computing is not commercially available, CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) urges organizations to prepare for the dawn of this new age, which is expected to bring groundbreaking changes in cryptography, and how we protect our secrets.

The agency published a paper earlier in the week, calling for leaders to start preparing for the migration to stronger secret guarding systems, exploring risk mitigation methods, and participating in developing new standards. (Bleeping Computer)

Your Vendors Are Likely Your Biggest Cybersecurity Risk

As speed of business increases, more and more organizations are looking to either buy companies or outsource more services to gain market advantage. With organizations expanding their vendor base, there is a critical need for holistic third-party risk management (TPRM) and comprehensive cybersecurity measures to assess how much risk vendors pose. (Help Net Security)

5 Key Things We Learned From CISOs of Smaller Enterprises Survey

As business begins its return to normalcy (however “normal” may look), CISOs at small and medium-size enterprises (500 – 10,000 employees) were asked to share their cybersecurity challenges and priorities, and their responses were compared the results with those of a similar survey from 2021. (Help Net Security)

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