Bonus Control: Engage Expert Partners To Manage Cybersecurity Risk

If you've read through the many controls in this article and thought, "great, how do I do all these things with the budget or people available?", then this section is for you.

Small and Mid-sized Businesses and the Managed Services Providers that serve them can struggle to budget for and adequately staff the kind of cybersecurity risk management program that can deal with today's threats.  Rather than attempt to solve these problems by themselves, many SMBs and MSPs are partnering with organizations that handle cybersecurity risk management as a service.  There are several different types of Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs); however, understanding which type and which brand to choose from can be the difference between getting the controls and risk management you need or paying for things you don't and still dealing with the impact of a breach.

In general, an MSSP should offer all of the controls we've listed in this guide. More importantly, they should be able to explain why these controls are important.

Ingalls Information Security is a specialized MSSP in that we offer a bundled set of controls that includes the ones in this guide as part of our Managed Detection & Response solution.  By bundling these controls and others into a monthly service offering at a price that businesses can afford, we are providing the SMB market with the kind of cybersecurity controls that the Fortune 500 behemoths have spent years and fortunes to deploy across massive enterprises.  

We've mapped these kinds of control systems countless times as we've been called in to help these large organizations respond to an attack by cybercriminals, nation-state sponsored cyber-spies, and criminal gangs. We've seen what works, and what doesn't.  In fact, the controls that we deploy to investigate and respond to the intrusions we get called into are the exact same controls we use in our Managed Detection & Response solution.  We know they work because we've used them time and time again in emergencies, to contain the bad guys, and then to kick them out and keep them out of our client's networks.

If you are looking for a partner who can manage the complex risks of today's cybersecurity landscape, contact us today to get started. Thanks for reading our guide on effective cybersecurity controls for the SMB.


This article is part of our weekly series on how to manage cybersecurity risk for businesses.

This article is part of our weekly series on how to manage cybersecurity risk for businesses. If you'd like to download the complete 8-point guide, click here to sign up and get the entire guide for free!

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